We are Rx Nutrition. And these are our stories.

Bubba Brocard | Coach, Program Master, "The Enforcer"

Bubba is a co-founder of Rx Nutrition, personal nutrition coach, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, and owner of CrossFit 120 in Marietta, GA. He has a BS in Sport and Recreational Management. He is a health and fitness enthusiast and has been coaching clients in the gym and with nutrition for over 6.5 years. Outside of nutrition and fitness, Bubba is a life coach/mentor, and has worked with troubled teens and adults that struggle with addiction or crisis. He loves helping people reach their full potential through nutrition, fitness, and overall mental health.

He started coaching nutrition clients in co-op with his gym members and as the success and demand grew so quickly, he decided that he wanted to pursue this passion outside of his inner circle – helping people all over regardless of geographical location. Bubba has a passion for coaching and helping people thrive in all aspects of life. He believes that nutrition plays such a pivotal role in overall health, wellness, and fitness. Forming new sustainable habits and a healthier relationship with food transforms into so many other aspects of one’s personal life, success, self-confidence, and overall happiness.

Outside of coaching and time spent in the gym training, Bubba is an extreme sport and outdoor enthusiast. He is an avid wakeboarder, snowboarder, and loves spending time on the lake, in the mountains, or in the woods – hunting, and of course loving his wife and son.  

Gretchen Brocard | Coach, Operations Master

Gretchen started coaching nutrition years ago as a way to create a more complete-health lifestyle for the athletes she coached at her CrossFit gym. With a background in Psychology, she understands the emotional connection that many people have with food and eating.

She has always had a passion for helping people, and as a full-time firefighter and paramedic, she is constantly exposed to people who suffer from conditions that can be managed and controlled through the science of nutrition. To her, food is medicine and has the power to change people’s lives.

As a coach with Rx Nutrition, her main focus is to help people take control of their health and achieve goals they never thought they could meet!

Outside of coaching for Rx Nutrition and working as a firefighter, she is a Certified Level I Precision Nutrition coach, Level II trainer at CrossFit 120, certified in CrossFit Kids and CrossFit Gymnastics, and a CASA volunteer. She is married to “The Enforcer,” Bubba, and they have a 13-year-old son.  She enjoys hockey, heavy metal, volunteer work, any outdoor sports, and spending time with family. and friends.

Kaycee Hines | Coach, Social Media Guru

Kaycee is extremely passionate about “all things preventive health.” As a registered nurse in an intensive care unit, she has seen first-hand the long-term effects that poor nutrition and poor health take on the human body. Her goal is to see less and less people in the hospital for things that they CAN prevent. So, on her days off, she goes to great lengths to do so!


I have been a fitness enthusiast for years. I knew I loved to coach and help others, so about 6 years ago I started as a 9 Round kickboxing instructor. I then moved to become a certified personal trainer, and then landed on CrossFit. It was at CrossFit Potentia that I really began to grow as an athlete and challenge myself in ways I wouldn’t have thought possible! I am a CF-L1 and USA Weightlifting certified trainer and love helping people to reach their potential in the gym.

During nursing school, I also obtained my Precision Nutrition Certification. I wanted to understand completely the correlation between nutrition and the human body. I have been coaching nutrition clients independently for 2 years and have helped people to understand that working out alone is not enough to achieve our goals, whether they are to lose weight, gain muscle, lean out, etc.

This year, I got together with Bubba, Gretchen, and Brandon to kick off Rx Nutrition. I wanted to be a part of a company that was promoting health and wellness, with a core goal of helping others. I want to help as many people as possible avoid hospital stays and reverse the long-term effects of poor health and nutrition!

Coaching clients one-on-one to help them grow on their health journey is my number one priority, and I absolutely love it.

When I’m not nursing or coaching nutrition or fitness clients, you’ll find me spending time with my husband, Paul, and our 140-lb lap dog, Griff. Walks to the farmer’s market in downtown Greenville, traveling, partner workouts, hiking, & home projects are usually what you’ll find us doing! 

Brandon Richardson | Coach, Writer, Marketing Guy

I was always tall and thin growing up. Which is amazing since I ate chocolate fudge Pop-Tarts for breakfast and drank six Cokes a day.

I guess it caught up to me by the time I went to college. My body composition inspired my first-ever nickname: FLAB (Fat Lazy-Ass Brandon). It was the ’90s, so this sort of “verbal critique” was still kosher.

I didn’t want to be “FLAB” anymore, so I hit the gym. I didn’t alter my college eating (or drinking) habits, but lifting weights and playing intramural sports helped me shed the nickname. And I kept working out and eating whatever I wanted for another ten years after college.

By 2012, I was a little bored of my weekly gym routine of chest day, biceps day, and skip-the-gym-for-happy-hour-the-rest-of-the-week-and-start-over-with-chest-on-Monday. I went to a group fitness boot camp for a year, which was awesome. Then I tried CrossFit and immediately pledged full allegiance to the cult.

In 2017, I started getting frustrated. I looked around and wondered why I was still getting my ass kicked in the workouts by newbies. Why was I always one of the last to finish? How did that dude get a muscle-up in his third month of CrossFit? I don’t have a big ego, but come on. I’d been “training” for five years. My workouts should have improved by now. And I should be in a little better shape.

I also got tired of my default excuses:

  • I’m almost 40. I can’t expect to be as fast or strong as these 25-year old kids.
  • I’m just stuck with this extra layer of fat around my waist. It’s just my genetics. After all, who am I to question how God made me?

No more excuses. I’d seen my sister-in-law’s results from hiring a nutrition coach, so I gave it a shot.

I lost 30 pounds in 20 weeks. I saw an ab muscle for the first time in my life. I went from perennial bottom-dweller to the front of the pack in my CrossFit workouts. But most importantly, I felt a million times better – both physically and mentally.

And I want to share that with the world.

So, in 2018 I got together with Bubba, Gretchen, and Kaycee. They had all been coaching clients individually, but we decided we want to make a bigger impact. We want to improve the lives of as many people as humanly possible.

And now here we are: Rx Nutrition Coaching.

I love coaching people and showing them how nutrition impacts every facet of their lives. But I make my biggest impact by running our whole digital marketing strategy: this website, writing content, and getting the word out to as many people as possible.


Brandon lives with his beautiful wife and two amazing little boys in Atlanta, GA. He loves reading, writing, building digital things, traveling, exercising, snowboarding, wakeboarding, hoppy-as-hell IPAs, and the heavenly combination of chocolate and peanut butter.

If it fits his macros, of course.

And he hates referring to himself in the third person.

Sarah Bryan | Coach, Certified Badass

I had been an endurance athlete for 95% of my life, and after a six month physically destroying backpacking trip…I decided it was time to get strong. The challenge of finding physical strength alone was huge and CrossFit was a pivotal part of it for me…finding a community to bleed, sweat, cry and laugh with day is not easy to come by. I knew that I wanted to make something more of this passion, so I set out a plan to become both a trainer, an athlete and help people fuel their bodies.

Watching growth day in and day out is the reason I coach, and it pushes me to be the best athlete, best coach, best nutritionist and overall the best person I can be.

When not coaching, studying or working, you can find me cycling, lifting, doing some insane metcon, or hopefully on Buford Highway eating Asian food or hiking the Appalachian trail. 

Certifications: USAW sports performance coach, CrossFit Level 1 & 2 Trainer, D-1 Cross Country, Concept 2 Certified, Precision Nutrition L1 Certified, Certified Nutrition Therapist, CSCS, CrossFit Aerobic Capacity Certified, CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Weightlifting

Jesse Feller | Coach

Jesse is a CrossFit level 1 Trainer. He is a lifelong athlete having played a variety of sports including baseball, soccer, basketball, and football. Jesse found CrossFit in 2011 shortly after graduating from Georgia Southern University. He quickly became convinced that CrossFit is the best general physical preparation program and has since competed in several local CF competitions.

Outside the gym, Jesse enjoys watching Atlanta’s hometown sports teams, mountain biking, and golf.

Cason Parks | Coach

With a strong passion for cooking, wellness, and exercise, choosing to major in nutrition just felt right. I quickly fell in love with what I was learning in the classroom and was able to utilize these skills in my own home on a daily basis. My outlook on health was forever changed for the better and I knew that this was a field I would be involved with for the rest of my life.

I was introduced to CrossFit about a year and a half ago, during nursing school, and am so thankful I decided to get over my fear and give it a go. In the gym, I have found a family and a new mindset toward working out. I’ve seen how crucial incorporating good nutrition with a workout routine is, and it’s been amazing watching people completely change their health and physique when they’re able to abide by this.

As a new registered nurse, I’ve seen the correlation between diet and illness, and I look forward to using my background to help prevent this as much as possible. Coaching people one-on-one gives me the ability to instill this message into others and help them make lifelong changes that could ultimately save their lives.

When not working at the hospital, I love going to concerts, exploring weird restaurants, and trying to plan a trip somewhere!

Danielle Dunlap | Coach, 2017 CrossFit Regionals Qualifier

CrossFit helped make me whole again.

After graduating from college, moving back home and getting caught up in binge drinking, I found myself depressed and praying for a healthy change. I had heard about CrossFit and tried a gym in the area. Like many others, I was hooked by the community and the workouts. I was quickly asked to do a competition & that fueled my fire to be a competitive athlete.

After two years of trying to make regionals, 2017 was my breakthrough. Before competing I attended Ben Bergeron’s camp. His drive for excellence was contagious. I wanted my training to be on point and the only thing I had left to do was dial in was my nutrition. I started working with a nutrition company and quickly developed a passion to learn more and help others in their nutrition journey.

The best part about my job as a nutrition coach is that I get to wake up and do something that I love every day. At RX Nutrition Coaching we get to encourage our clients, watch them grow and succeed in their health journey and that inspires me to be the best coach, nutritionist, and athlete that I can be.

I am starting an exciting new chapter in my life. I am becoming a new mom and moving to North Carolina with my husband! When we’re not in the gym, we love spending time boating, being with family and friends, reading, exploring our faith, traveling, and watching The Office.

Certifications: Bachelors in Health and Exercise Science, Associates in Psychology, CrossFit Level 2 Certified Trainer, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach, Strength & Conditioning Coach Level 1 USAW, CrossFit Trainer Mobility Certification, CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer, NCCPT – Certified Personal Trainer-National Council of Certified Personal Trainers.