Bubba Brocard

Co-Founder, Coach, Enforcer

Bubba is a co-founder of Rx Nutrition, personal nutrition coach, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, and owner of CrossFit 120 in Marietta, GA. He has a BS in Sport and Recreational Management. He is a health and fitness enthusiast and has been coaching clients in the gym and with nutrition for over 6.5 years. Outside of nutrition and fitness, Bubba is a life coach/mentor, and has worked with troubled teens and adults that struggle with addiction or crisis. He loves helping people reach their full potential through nutrition, fitness, and overall mental health.

He started coaching nutrition clients in co-op with his gym members and as the success and demand grew so quickly, he decided that he wanted to pursue this passion outside of his inner circle – helping people all over regardless of geographical location. Bubba has a passion for coaching and helping people thrive in all aspects of life. He believes that nutrition plays such a pivotal role in overall health, wellness, and fitness. Forming new sustainable habits and a healthier relationship with food transforms into so many other aspects of one’s personal life, success, self-confidence, and overall happiness.

Outside of coaching and time spent in the gym training, Bubba is an extreme sport and outdoor enthusiast. He is an avid wakeboarder, snowboarder, and loves spending time on the lake, in the mountains, or in the woods – hunting, and of course loving his wife and son.