Hayleigh Grosze


Nutrition is MUCH more than food. It influences your life in every way. 

While in high school, I was a distance runner and signed to run cross country at a small private christian college not too far from my hometown. Due to constant injury, lack of a menstrual cycle, and slowly developing eating disorders, I decided to back away and figure out why I was constantly getting hurt. I ended up transferring to Missouri State University in 2016, and that is where Crossfit entered my life. Immediately, I fell in LOVE with the incredible community, the motivating atmosphere, and the consistent push of like-minded people to better myself. I missed having that competitive edge of fitness, and desired to compete again. I have been ever since, and have enjoyed every single second I get to! 

When first starting to dial back in on my nutrition, I wanted guidance to help me get over these hurdles my body has been experiencing for so long, and to help my performance reach a higher level. Next thing I know, I am 12 pounds underweight and developing a very skewed perspective of what “healthy” looks like. I was working out twice a day on 80 carbs for an extended period of time and thought this was normal. My performance was at a halt, and my body was dwindling more than excelling. A switch flipped and I realized this is not the right road to travel. Slowly, I gained the necessary weight back, was diagnosed with some deficiencies, and my view of food and MYSELF completely changed for the better. 

While in college, I had ambitions to work clinically as a clinical exercise physiologist in the cardiac rehab unit. While gaining experience in this setting, I noticed the amount of people who rely on temporary help from medications, shots, and other methods for a “cure” to their pain and internal battles. It shook me to the point where I knew I wanted to keep people out of there! Preventable health is also something that hits home to me, due to also having a huge family history of some loved ones passing away from diseases that could be prevented.

Although I may not have known at the time, I am extremely thankful for every single struggle, experience, and encounter I have had in my journey so far. It has grown my passion for this industry so much more and I aspire to be a reliable coach for my clients. I wish to educate, encourage, be a solid support system, and teach them how to become successful with their nutrition, hit major goals they set for themselves, and develop a healthier lifestyle for the long haul (:

When I am not coaching or at the gym, I can be found spending time with my boyfriend, Alex, cuddling on my ol’ doggie Bruty, drinking an iced coffee, reading a new book, or enjoying the outdoors.


Bachelors of Science in Exercise and Movement Science

ACSM-EP (Certified Exercise Physiologist)

Precision Nutrition Level 1 (in progress)