Melissa Blackstone


“Short and stocky” was a phrase and nickname I grew up hearing and hating. At 5’2” (5’3” if feeling really confident), I embraced that I would never be a super model or have long, lean limbs, but always desired confidence in a bikini.

Throughout my life, I had always believed that I could “out work” a bad diet. As a collegiate triathlete and intramural soccer player (think running for hours), my food habits were defined by artificial replacements, pizza and alcohol. Seriously, my post-race meal was a small pizza and 6-pack of beer. It hurts to be so honest. Looking back now, I realize I was only reaching a very small portion of my athletic potential due to diet alone.

After college, I dabbled in various athletic activities, attempted every diet known to man, and was never quite satisfied. For me, veganism was cool, but not sustainable. Keto was trendy, but inconvenient. I loathed the idea of maintaining the “short and stocky” reputation, but didn’t know what to do.

Then life changed at 30.

I was introduced to macronutrient counting and functional dietary recommendations in March of 2019. A community of like-minded people encouraged me to maintain consistency, and I learned what portion control meant. I studied (and continue to study) how to best feed the body and learned what my muscles, mind, and gut tell me while using food as a means of communicating with, caring for, and loving myself.

Because of my own transformation (physically, mentally, and emotionally), I am compelled to share my knowledge so that others may achieve their personal fitness goals and experience a world they have desired but not quite obtained. So, in addition to my full time career as a Speech and Language Pathologist and part time hobby as a USA Level 1 Weightlifting Coach, I obtained a Precision Nutrition certification and began coaching nutrition: a true passion and joy. I feel blessed beyond measure to be a member of the Rx Nutrition Coaching Team, and look so forward to working with each and every client as a whole package. 

If looking for me outside the hospital or gym, I can be found with my amazing boyfriend Todd, and our three fur babies: Asher, Eva, and Ember.