Frequently Asked Questions

These are detailed responses to some of the questions we receive most frequently. If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for here, check out the How it Works page. And if you still have questions, send us an email or hit us up on the Facebook Messenger chat in the bottom right corner of your screen. We respond to everyone!

How many fad “diets” have you tried? How many expensive gym memberships have you paid for and not used? What about weight-loss supplements and fasting and putting 50 grams of straight fat (butter and MCT oil) in your coffee?

We’re not knocking those things – a lot of them do work. But what’s more important to consider is:

Was any of that sustainable?

Here’s the thing: nutrition coaching isn’t about the cost. It’s about the VALUE. It’s about the VALUE we provide and the VALUE you get out of it.

Over 90% of our clients renew for another 3-months at the end of their first session. Why do you think that is?

It’s because they work with their coach, put in the effort, and start to see results. And those results start to change their perception and approach to eating. They start to see their body composition change right in front of their eyes. Most importantly, they start to feel better – and feel better about themselves.

Our clients see the value in what they’re doing, and it changes their lives.

Picture this: You want to lose 20 pounds. You want to be able to move up and down the stairs a little better. Get out of bed a little easier. Run that 5k a little faster. Play with your kids on the floor without worrying about getting back up. Or you just want to feel a little better about yourself when you go to the beach next summer.

Would that new-and-improved, future version of you look back and regret spending that whopping $38 a week on nutrition coaching? Or, would “future you” look at how far you’ve come and wonder why you didn’t start sooner?

We’re gonna guess it’s the latter.

Our one and only goal is to provide MASSIVE VALUE to you. To set you up with the foundation, habits, and knowledge that will help you be successful with your nutrition for the rest of your life.

How much is that worth to you?

No. At least not at this time.

We don’t provide meal planning because we want YOU to learn how to eat in a way that works for YOU. We want you to eat the foods you enjoy eating because that’s a huge part of what makes this sustainable. Trust us-if we tried to create custom meal plans for you, you would probably hate what we prescribe 🙂

Again, our one and only goal is to help you build a foundation, develop good habits, and arm you with the knowledge you need to be successful with your nutrition for the rest of your life.

We do not prescribe or exercise programs or workout routine.

For one, there are a bazillion different ways to exercise these days. And each one of them specializes in exactly what they program, be it CrossFit, yoga, circuit training, HIIT, weightlifting, running, Zumba, Jazzercise…You get the picture.

We do recommend that our clients exercise, but it isn’t a requirement. Exercise – especially something that involves some weight training – helps speed up the body composition changes we’re looking for. And any way of burning a few extra calories every day will only help with weight loss.

But some people just hate exercise. And that’s fine – it’s not a requirement.

We like to let the fitness coaches focus on their specialties. We just focus on nutrition 🙂

To be blunt: Because it takes more than just one month to see results.

This isn’t a quick weight-loss program or “get thin quick” scheme.” This is a slow, steady, sustainable coaching program.

You didn’t gain 30 pounds overnight, so you aren’t going to lose it overnight. For most people, it’s an accumulation of years of poor eating and nutrition choices. So it takes time to undo that damage in a way that is sustainable.

You have to break old, bad habits and develop new, better habits. And you have to enjoy the foods you’re eating along the way or else you won’t stick with it.

Without even going into the brain science, it takes several weeks or months to turn new actions into habits. And our data plays out the exact same way. It takes an average of 2 to 3 months for clients to start seeing their body change in front of their eyes. And this is key: being able to see your body change with your own eyes provides the necessary reward or incentive you need to keep going.

THAT’S how you make your new habits stick. THAT’S how you make real progress.

So, frankly, one month of nutrition coaching is a complete waste of money. One month is not enough time to start seeing results, which means you’re more likely to quit. One month is not enough time to make real change and progress toward your goals.

And we refuse to waste your money. Sorry 🙂

That being said, we do have an invite-only monthly program. It’s available to clients only after they’ve completed six full months of coaching AND they’ve demonstrated mastery and self-control. At that point, it’s just a matter of continued accountability from a coach.

Our policy is “no refunds.”

Our coaches put in a TON of time on-boarding new clients. There’s a lot to learn: what are macronutrients, why do we track macros instead of calories, how to weigh food, how to log that food in your app, how to plan your meals, what to do in _____ situation, etc. Basically, the first few weeks require a lot of time from the coach (for most new clients, at least).

Basically, we provide a service. And that service requires a lot of hours at the beginning of a coaching session. If you decide after three weeks that you don’t want to continue, your coach doesn’t get his or her time back.

That’s why we encourage every single client to know what’s at stake going in. Read the How it Works page. Read the rest of the FAQs. And if you still have questions, ask. You can submit questions through our contact form or the messenger window in the bottom right corner of the website. We want you to know exactly what you’re signing up for.

With all that said, we completely stand by our service. If you have a horrible experience with your coach, we’ll make it right. We’ll talk to you about your issues and do whatever we have to do to fix the situation.

And one last thing: If you have buyer’s remorse and want a refund before your trial week starts, we will try to work with you (on a case-by-case basis). But keep in mind our credit card processor doesn’t refund the transaction fees to us. So, if we do agree to a refund, we will refund the original payment minus $40 to cover transaction and account setup fees.