Featured Member: Krista Mayberry

This week’s Featured Member is Krista Mayberry. Krista lives in Greenville, SC and trains with one of our amazing coaches, Kaycee Hines. She’s currently in the middle of her second nutrition coaching session. Krista was kind enough to chat with us, and we’re excited to share her thoughts with you!

Krista has been incredible to work with. She is a bad-ass woman with a crazy, busy lifestyle. She is a full-time physical therapist, CrossFit gym owner, and slings beverages (and is an investor/owner) at Fireforge Brewery as well! She wasn’t making her meals throughout her crazy days a priority, and her energy levels and performance suffered from it.

Through two sessions together she has learned how to properly fuel her body for her lifestyle. You’ll see someone who still works 18-hour days many days, but has more energy. You’ll see someone who weighs less, but has been eating more. She is healthier and stronger than she had been previously. I am so proud of this amazing woman and the work she’s put in to get here. She has worked so diligently for two sessions to meet all of her goals. She trusts me and the process and has completely changed her outlook on nutrition for the better!

Was every single day perfect? No. Krista has still enjoyed life, gone out with friends, etc. But she was honest, got back on track the next day, and didn’t let it affect her entire week. To say I’m proud of her would be an understatement!

Check out our interview with her below and her words on her life and her experience with us.

What’s your life story in one paragraph?

I come from a large Irish Catholic Family, and I was very close to my grandparents who were very influential to who I am today. I went to undergrad and grad school here in SC, and was fortunate to have scholarships and work studies so I had no loans for my education. I have been practicing as a physical therapist for 22 years. I have been in the fitness industry since the late 80’s and have been witness to so many trends and failures to public healthcare perceptions. I have loved bartending, gardening, running, triathlons, and mountain biking for years. Yoga and CrossFit have been my go to pleasures in last several years.

Tell us all about your career(s).

I was a corporate trainer for Outback Steakhouse along the eastern seaboard x 2 years; currently a physical therapist x 22 years; currently a CrossFit co-owner x 4 years; and currently an investor/owner of a brewery x 1 year.

Have you tried any other diets or weight-control programs?

Wow. Where do I begin? I have never been a true dieter per se, but I have succumbed to stupid fads over the years and I have made poor choices chasing a body type I physically could never achieve. I have always been afflicted with body image issues or dysmorphia. I am thankfully educated enough to know what the body needs and there will never be a quick fix; however, I always had the mindset that I could outwork a bad diet choice. As I have aged it no longer balanced into my favor. I have tried to track food but I could never get where I wanted to be and still be able to fuel correctly for my workouts. Over my adult life my weight has varied by 35 pounds from lightest to heaviest. My results have never been long term or consistent for any period of time. It has been a frustrating relationship with food as I would splurge then feel so guilty for doing the splurge.

What made you decide to try Rx Nutrition?

I heard about Rx Nutrition through an amazing friend of mine named Kaycee Hines. I wanted to try it as I had heard so any folks in the CrossFit community talk about macros; however, the tipping point was to actually witness the transformation in Kaycee herself. One of my strong points is discipline so I thought I would try to see if it would show me a healthy way to have a relationship with food.

How did you stay committed to the program throughout the process?

I am truly disciplined. I started to follow the guidelines and was absolutely floored by how food was created in macro breakdown. I started with several small changes as I was making so many mistakes. I stayed committed to the numbers so I would not let my coach down. However, as the weeks progressed the results were consistent and the changes I noted in my body were both measurable by numbers and noticeable on the scale. So I began to stay committed for myself. I chose to do a second round of 12 weeks in order to tweak the numbers for performance and the body changes kept coming like I had never witnessed in myself at any age, let alone 47.

Tell us about any overall improvements you’ve seen with your health (or life, in general!).

I don’t even know where to begin! Firstly I don’t take any regular meds but having a clean diet for these past months, I no longer have used any Aleve for joint pain. My health numbers are steady and my vital signs are low and amazing. I sleep very well especially since I don’t have those glasses of wine like I used to do nightly. I no longer feel bloated nor constipated. My facial and back complexion has cleared immensely! I have leaned out to where I am actually comfortable in my own skin (and bathing suit!)  The amount of assurances and compliments have received actually kept me motivated to stay on track as I am so not used to receiving them!

What advice would you give anyone considering trying Rx Nutrition?

Listen and follow directions. Don’t beat yourself up or feel guilty for a splurge as you can adjust and make room for it with no problem. I no longer have a guilty relationship with food. I now enjoy cooking again as I know how to do with such fresh ingredients. It takes time and there is a learning curve. there is NO quick fix. This is not a diet. This is a relationship change with the way to look at food. I can now look in a mirror and see what other people see. I am comfortable in my skin. I can go on vacation and not completely “blow it”.  

Is there anything else you’d like to for people know?

I could not be more thankful to my coach Kaycee!!

I am a lifer now for this system!!


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