Featured Member: Melissa Langan

This week’s Featured Member is Melissa Langan.

Over the course of a full year of nutrition coaching, Melissa lost over 100 pounds and got off all her medications!

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Featured Member: Krista Mayberry

This week’s Featured Member is Krista Mayberry. Krista lives in Greenville, SC and trains with one of our amazing coaches, Kaycee Hines. She’s currently in the middle of her second nutrition coaching session.

Krista was kind enough to chat with us, and we’re excited to share her thoughts with you!

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Fighting Metabolic Adaptation

This week’s “Coachspeak” message comes courtesy of our “Resident Badass,” Coach Sarah, where she riffs on recent ideas for ways to overcome a weight-loss plateau.

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Success Story: Melissa Langan

“I love being stopped and having people tell me how great I look. My confidence in myself has grown by leaps and bounds. I am not at my final goal yet, but I am confident that this program, these coaches will get me to where I want to be, and be there to help maintain my end results.”

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