Success Story: Bill Allen

"I can't believe the results I've had. My workouts in the gym have been more effective because I have a better diet."

This is just one more example of WHY we do what we do!

Bill has always been a high-achiever. He graduated with a mechanical engineering degree from Georgia Tech, all while balancing ROTC, club soccer, and the rigorous demands of having a social life. And with the highest honors, no less.

After college, he went through flight school and served his country as a Naval Aviator for 16 years. Then he joined the US Navy Reserves to pursue his dream as a real estate investor. He now runs a successful investment company as well as a real estate investment coaching business.

But, the one thing that took a back seat during all this was Bill’s nutrition and fitness. Sometimes we focus so much on our family, work, and other responsibilities that we forget to take care of ourselves.

Bill is a longtime friend of the Rx Nutrition team. So, when we launched this business last year, he jumped at the chance to take control of his nutrition.

Bill is a PERFECT case study for how nutrition coaching can help even the busiest of professionals. Check out his video!

I can’t believe the results I’ve had. My workouts in the gym have been more effective because I have a better diet.

I’ve always been athletic, worked out, things like that. But, I’ve never really paid attention to what I ate.

I thought cardio and working out in the gym and being athletic was the key, but really, nutrition is the key.

– Bill Allen

Total weight lost: 32 lbs

Total waist reduction: 7 inches


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