Featured Member: Melissa Langan

This week’s Featured Member is Melissa Langan.

Over the course of a full year of nutrition coaching, Melissa lost over 100 pounds and got off all her medications!

This week’s Featured Member is Melissa Langan. If you’ve heard this name before it’s because we’ve raved about her so many times in the past! She lost over 100 pounds over the course of one year of nutrition coaching. She also got off all her medications and is just crushing her new life!

Melissa was super-generous with her time on this interview. There are a TON of nuggets in here!

So without further ado…

What’s your life story in one paragraph?

“Way to put a girl on the spot here 🙂

OK, I am from Birmingham Alabama (born and raised, but not a true Southern Girl, parents are from St Louis MO and Phoenix AR). I grew up playing Volleyball year round for my school and a club team. So I was always active throughout Grade School, High School, and College. I am currently the Regional Controller for FLIK Hospitality for the Atlanta Region and have been in Atlanta for 6 years now (previously was living in Long Island NY and Charlotte NC). I love to read, bake (my roommates and Bubba know all about this, as I bring them goodies all the time, they may hate me too), travel (currently planning and 3 week European trip next year) and all around learning new things (inside the gym or outside). I have two puppies: Lily – German Shepherd mix, and Samson – Chihuahua and a kitty: Kiwi – Orange Tabby.”

You lost 100 pounds in 1 year. That’s insane! How did you stay committed and motivated the whole time?

“Motivation came from the people around me, coworkers, random individuals who see me every day at work, the CF Community at CF120, all giving me the awed and amazed looks on the weight loss (not to mention Bubba and his encouragement the entire time). These little comments would bring a blush to my cheeks every time and I knew something we were doing was working. Knowledge as well on what could happen in the future if I didn’t take control of my weight and health now.”

Can you talk a little about the overall improvements you’ve seen in your health?

“Yes, medication free, previously I was on medication for prediabetes, cholesterol, and IBS. I have gotten off all of these items. Who knew a change in eating could really do so much more. I also no longer have issues breathing (still a little asthma on times, but I was having such a hard time walking upstairs without getting lightheaded and dizzy).”

What are the most beneficial or impactful things you learned?

“You can still have fun with what you are eating without going overboard. I keep miniature Snickers, Twix and Reese’s cup around when I have that craving for something sweet; one of them satisfies the craving and doesn’t throw off my macros for the day (where a whole candy bar would).

Fat Free and Low Carb doesn’t mean it tastes horrible. I have found that I actually prefer them now and don’t think I could go back to eating the regular foods.

Have fun with trying new things…never know what you are going to find that you like. I am a picky eater in general, but found some really cool things online to try and loved them.”

How has your transformation affected your life, in general?

“I’m more confident in myself. Willing to try new things and recently can say – put myself out there. Shopping for clothing is fun again. It used to be a nightmare, I hated going to the mall or anyplace to find clothing, I would end up buying online b/c I didn’t want to try on clothing in a department store. Embarrassing.”

Did you try any other diets or weight-control programs?

“I tried Weight Watchers, but I didn’t feel like it taught you about food, what is good for you, how to look at the serving sizes, etc. They just said, stay within these “points” and you will lose weight, but guess what, I could eat ice cream all day and stay within their “points”… lets just say, that program did not work at all for me, I think I gained back all the weight I did lose plus more.”

What made you decide to try Rx Nutrition?

“Heard about this from Bubba Brocard, CrossFit Coach. He was currently doing a session with Joyce Wahrer, who I used to carpool with every day to work. I was seeing her results and was like… I CAN TOTALLY DO THIS TOO… she didn’t seem to have any issues, and she was losing weight and doing much better in her work outs every day. With all the family drama going on recently, it was time for me to really look at my health… and not just say I was going to do something, but ACTUALLY DO IT!!!

I absolutely love this program and how the results are not just weight loss, but a strength in oneself to know you are doing something to better yourself and your life. Confidence in all aspects of life. The weight loss is wonderful, but I feel like I gained my life back. I have had so much more fun lately and finally feel like myself again. I wouldn’t change this for anything.”

What advice would you give anyone considering trying Rx Nutrition?

“Try one session. 12 weeks goes by a lot quicker than one would think. Before you know it, your signing up again, and again, and then a year has passed in a blink of an eye. The coaches are great, use their knowledge, tips and tricks, and just hear what they are saying.”

Is there anything else you’d like to for people know?

“It is never too late to take control back. To lose weight, to gain strength and confidence you didn’t realize you were lacking. I find myself smiling more for no reason but it is a good day.”


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